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Hughes Residence

Renovate an Architect Designed Home – Hughes, 1960’s

2010 -Small Project Architecture Commendation

Australian Institute of Architects Awards ACT Chapter Jury Citation

"This small project provides clear evidence that good design lies in paying attention to improving the experience of everyday people's activities.

The new sun room and comprehensive site improvements have a logic and simplicity that are clearly derived from not only a theoretical understanding of this 1960's Roger Pegrum designed house, but also an empathy for the pleasure the house brings the clients.

Given the commanding site, with its elevation and views into the trees and over parklands, it could have been tempting to explore the making of an 'intervention' and play with changes in level, contrasting volumes and scale.

There is however, no denying the appropriateness of the approach adopted; remove the 'lean to' additions, create a room using proportions and detailing emulating the existing house , take advantage of the natural light, ensure there is shading to protect the occupants from the summer extremes and finally take care to design a place that is welcoming and restful.

The hand of the architect is understated in this project and that is the reason it is so commendable-the additions and alterations are seamless with the existing house and the nature and values of the client. For the jury it was a delight to visit."



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