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Hackett Residence

2010 -Small Project Architecture Commendation

Australian Institute of Architects Awards ACT Chapter Jury Citation

"This is a great example of low-cost urban-renewal and suburban re-vitalisation. Using a few strategic moves with skill, the architect has drawn on but completely changed an existing red-brick cottage.

The adaptive reuse and recycling of existing structures, particularly in residential applications, is the single most sustainable measure that can be adopted in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and to contribute to a more energy and water efficient environment. The retention and recycling in situ of substantial embodied energy cannot be counterbalanced by other recycling methods, however laudable they are.

The closed form and cellular plan of the original house have been altered to create a robust and contemporary exterior and a crisp and simple interior whose main rooms enjoy plentiful natural sun and ventilation.

The overall effect of the interior is delightful and provides a surprising sense of bright, spacious airiness in this compact home. The result is more than good value for money- it is a well-integrated solution, which incorporates solid environmental principles, and has exceeded client expectations."



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